Mon November 27, 2017
9:00 pm
(8:00 pm DOORS)
  • A John Waters Christmas
$35 / $42
Sold Out

JOHN WATERS                                                                                                       Website

“There may be nobody on earth who is as fabulously strange as John Waters. The director, comedian, journalist, and self-described Pope of Trash has made a career out of his wild behavior, he’s made classic films like Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, and now, he’s just released a new album.”   -Out Magazine

“Celebrating 47 years of beautiful madness, fabulous trash, and excellence in character names—shout out to Belvedere Rickettes and Patty Hitler—John Waters has been selected as the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Writers Guild Of America.”   -A.V. Club

About the show:

Like a damaged St. Nick for the Christmas corrupted, John Waters – legendary filmmaker (“Female Trouble”, “Hairspray”, “Serial Mom”), raconteur and author of bestselling books, Carsick, Role Models and Make Trouble – hitchhikes into town with a bag full of sticks and stones for the devoted and the damned, spreading Yuletide profanity and perverted piety with his critically acclaimed one-man show, “A John Waters Christmas”. 

This rapid-fire “trigger warning” for holiday traditionalists asks the questions, “Is Prancer the only gay reindeer?”, “Is it wrong to steal purses from cars in graveyard parking lots on Christmas Eve while mourners leave flowers?”, “Has Santa ever been nude?”, and, most importantly, “Should you disrupt living crèche celebrations this year in the name of political action?” 

Miracles really do happen at Yuletide, even if they’re false, and Waters prays for a Gaspar Noé Christmas film, and a new sex club that encourages gay men and lesbians to have sex with each other for the very first time. 

Delving into his love for the annual December warning list of “Unsafe Toys to Give Your Child” and his hatred for email Christmas cards, The Easter Bunny, and any kind of holiday “food issues”, the Pope of Trash will give you a Cool Yule like no other.  You better watch out, you better cry!  John Waters, the People’s Pervert, is coming to town.

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